29 April 2012

Ida Sjöstedt with love

Ida Sjöstedt was born in Stockholm, Sweden 1976.

In 2001 Ida Sjöstedt launched her first collection during Stockholm Fashion Week. She has been showing on schedule in Stockholm since, and is also regularly exhibiting in Paris during the prêt-a-porter weeks.

Tasteful kitsch or tongue-in-cheek elegance are two ways of describing Ida Sjöstedts design philosophy. Her aim is to create beautiful, sexy clothes for women who don’t take dressing up too seriously –and who see fashion as something fun rather than as a must.

24 April 2012

Two 1950s covers from Vogue.

The clear colours, the simplicity of the lines. It's beautiful in a crisp sort of way that I really like.


23 April 2012

19 April 2012

Iris Apfel with love

This wise lady makes me so happy! This is what I want to be when I get older. Just listen, learn and enjoy!

18 April 2012

Marie Claire China - by photographer Amber Gray

These are great photographs. Playful and beautiful. Fashion photography at its best. Amber Gray's work is to fall in love with. Our grandchildren will be writing essays on her work..

via Lilylovelock
See more work by Amber Gray here

17 April 2012

Cartier - like a fairytale

Cartier - This is beautiful. If only all commercials were like this. Like little fairytales. Some of them are. I think that this will also be really interesting in the future when we'll look back on commercials from today.

What does this tell us of our time?
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