25 February 2012

Lillian Bassman with love

Now on February 13, we lost Lillian Bassman at age 94. Lillian Bassman who became one of the greatest woman photographers in the world of fashion. From around the 1940s until the 1960s Bassman worked mostly for Harpers Bazaar.

The most notable qualities about her photographic work are the high contrasts between light and dark, the graininess of the finished photos, the geometric placement and camera angles of the subjects.

Lots and lots of lovely Hair

via Ros.E.

21 February 2012

Conference of six

Source unknown. Would love to know more about the photograph so please let me if you do!!

19 February 2012

Dedicated followers of fashion - with shoes from Prada. A balancing act indeed

I've just bought new shoes. Feeling fabulous a bit like this. It worked so well when I walked around in the store - then out in the real cold world I'm all of a sudden like a new born Bambi. This is from an editorial in Singapore L'officiel, called "A balancing act".  It's really funny. We hope these girls are insured when they go to work.

18 February 2012

Advanced style at its best!

This not only leaves me wanting more. It makes me so happy it almost hurts. This is why I love fashion!! It makes me remember and miss all that was great about my grandmother and her love for dressing up. These women are amazing and this movie says it all!

Big thanks to Ari Seth Cohen and his absolutely fantastic blog Advanced style

15 February 2012

Hallo baby from 1976

       This is an adorable filmstill from the Swedish movie Hallo baby, from 1976. 
Starring a young Marie Louise Ekman.
Below is the poster from the same movie. It represents the 70s so well. Graphic design that makes you happy, isn't it?

14 February 2012

Barbara Kruger with love - leaves me wanting more

Barbara Kruger, american collage artist famous for her layered photographs.

13 February 2012

Back at work with Diana Vreeland

Inspriring Diana Vreeland at her office
                                                                                 via Habitually chic

12 February 2012

Dynasty mudslide

Dynasty with love
I'm planning to have this hanging over my desk. These are girls that work hard.
Planning for the weeks ahead...

9 February 2012

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