30 July 2014

A beautiful appartment

NY apartment of Albert Maysles & Gillian Walker - photo by Todd Selby

1 May 2014

Diane Pernet*3

Diane Pernet, founder of the internationally read fashion blog ASVOF
and the benchmark fashion & film festival ASVOFF

10 February 2014

Happy back at work!

Sometimes a little extra is needed on a Happy Monday...!
Hope your week has had a good start!!

7 February 2014

4 February 2014

A less happy Monday?

I thought I really liked my job but why then does something feel wrong every Monday? 
Or maybe it's the five days a week that is just a little too much? 

In any case, thought this one was funny.

31 January 2014

Handprint - you carry the stories of the people that make you clothes

Handprint is a beautiful short movie by Mary Nighy and Zoe Franklin that brings out the essence of the garment industry and portrays the people behind our clothes. How intertwined we all are. 
Livia Firth initiated the project and it's made with the help of Eco Age, The Green Carpet Challenge, American Vogue, The British Fashion Council, Gucci, among others.

Also for a look behind the scenes:

27 January 2014

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