30 June 2013

Yasuhiro Wakabayashi to remember

Yasuhiro Wakabayashi, professionally known as Hiro, is an American commercial photographer. He was born in Shanghai in 1930 to Japanese parents. 

Hiro's work in fashion and still life from the mid-1960s onward has inspired many and remains a lasting influence today.

28 June 2013

Heading for the beach?

 This is a little different but I guess it might have been comme il faut in some fashionable circles in the 1970s...

26 June 2013

Marcel Mariën

 Marcel Mariën was born in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1920, a single child of a poor family. His mother wanted him to leave school as soon as possible so that he could start bringing money into the home. Aged 15, Marien became apprentice to a photographer – initially undertaking menial roles, but later setting up a home studio to develop his own projects.

In 1937, he first encountered the surrealist paintings of René Magritte in exhibition and – inspired by André Breton’s Surrealist Manifesto - traveled to Brussels to seek out the artist. He soon began corresponding with Magritte, who was 20 years his senior, and was warmly welcomed into the close-knit Belgian Surrealist group. Within a year, he had his own work included in the Surrealist group exhibition, Surrealist Objects and Poems, in London.
Initially, he could not paint or draw, so he instead used a wide variety of media, including collage, decoupage, drawing, painting, toys, household items and even a reproduction of a Michelangelo fresco. With this anarchistic approach, he was acknowledged as the initiator of the Surrealist technique of étrécissements.

25 June 2013

Jean Shrimpton with love

Jean Rosemary Shrimpton (born 7 November 1942) is an English model and actress. She was an icon of Swinging London and is considered to be one of the world's first supermodels. She appeared on covers such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Elle, Ladies' Home Journal, Newsweek, and Time magazines

Born in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, and brought up on a farm, Shrimpton was educated at St Bernard's Convent, Slough. She enrolled at Langham Secretarial College in London when she was 17. Later it was suggested to her to attend the Lucie Clayton Charm Academy's model course abd in 1960, aged 17, she began modelling, appearing on the covers of popular magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Vanity Fair. During her career, Shrimpton was widely reported to be the "world's highest paid model", the "most famous model", and the "most photographed in the world".  She was dubbed "The It Girl", "The Face", and "The Face of the '60s". Glamour named her "Model of The Year" in June 1963. She contrasted with the aristocratic-looking models of the 1950s by representing the coltish, gamine look of the youthquake movement in 1960s Swinging London, and she was reported as "the symbol of Swinging London." By breaking the popular mould of voluptuous figures with her long legs and slim figure, she was nicknamed "The Shrimp".

22 June 2013

Mrs P. and Truman Capote

“Mrs. P. had only one fault: She was perfect; otherwise, she was perfect."
-Truman Capote on Babe Paley

19 June 2013

John Galliano - great interview from 2013

John Galliano's first ever interview after well-known scandal from February 2011.
Looking forward to seeing him come back!

18 June 2013

Great "second hand - ideas" at Harper's Bazaar

Dovima by Richard Avedon, Harper’s Bazaar December 1959

Anne Hathaway by David Slijper, Harper’s Bazaar UK subscriber cover February 2013

16 June 2013

This is how beautiful our future could be!

This is the amazing, inspiring and wize women Aimee Mullins. This is TED Talks at their best and if this is the future then it could be beautiful!

15 June 2013

YSL - Do I want more? Yes I do!

A crochet wedding dress anyone?
A daring?.. creation by Yves Saint Laurent from the 1960s. This one did not become a trend...

14 June 2013

Have a Happy weekend with Russ Tamblyn and Venetia Stevenson

Have a Happy Weekend
with Allan Grant Swingers, 1955
Acrobat and actor, Russ Tamblyn (Top)
on the beach with movie actress Venetia Stevenson!
I found this on the great blog Pictures

12 June 2013

Walter Albini, photography by David Bailey


Walter Albini, a contemporary of Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent, reached great critical acclaim but died young in 1983 and has since been largely forgotten. Albini was born in 1941 and  had an essential role for Italian fashion but is also considered one of the fathers of the prêt à porter.
Photo by David Bailey.

Have really fallen in love with this photograph. If you know anything more about it, please do let me know.

11 June 2013

Olympia Le-Tan Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear

It has gone back to being a little cold so these outfits made for this coming fall don't seem so bad...

Found at style.com where you can also read a review by Maya Singer


5 June 2013

Fall 2013 Clover Canyon leaves us wanting more

Get ready for Clover Canyon Fall 2013 Ready-to-wear
(even though I can't help but focusing on summer)

Here are my favourites: 

Emily Cronin wrote this for style.com. Still I like it.

The hot rod from Clover Canyon's fictional Southwest road trip last season just racked up a few more odometer zeros. For Fall, designer Rozae Nichols took the brand to another oft-mythologized destination: Russia. Nichols lassoed symbols from the country's czarist and Soviet past; crystal chandeliers, housing blocks, formal china, metro stations, and frozen Siberian lakes all went into the dresses, coats, and tees. Slavic references have decorated a significant number of mood boards this season, but with its emphasis on prints engineered into stiff, corset-like tops and bell-shaped skirts, this collection owes more to the influence of Mary Katrantzou than it does to Mother Russia. Perhaps the California-based Nichols should stick closer to home base next season. These clothes looked too derivative for their own good.

3 June 2013

Beth Katleman - art that leaves me wanting more

Artist Beth Katleman's artwork leaves me wanting more...

I found out about Beth Katleman here at The Jealous Curator. A jealous curator I'm jealous of!!

Happy Monday!! Back at work

Another great office space

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