28 January 2013

Back at work - Happy Monday!

                       Back at the office. Here is a gorgeous one.
         I especially like the colors. The gold with the beige, light blue and grey.

               This office space was found here at The decorista

25 January 2013

Maud Wagner - the first known female tattoo artist in the U.S.

In 1907, Maud Wagner traded a date with her husband-to-be for tattoo lessons. She was later to become the first known female tattooist in the U.S and she is absolutely gorgeous. The tattoos, her dress, the way she carries herself. She is just stunning. This is a great portrait of a girl to be remembered.   

One can read more about her in the book Bodies of Subversion: A secret History of Women and Tattoo, by Margot Mifflin. The New Yorker has written about it in their article A secret history of women and tattoo.


22 January 2013

Looks like a doll, dances like a demon

Vivienne Westwood
and the English National Ballet.

For Vivienne Westwood's SS 13 collection she has collaborated with the the English National Ballet with a result so beautiful. These images are captivating. The garmens used here were not only from her latest collection but also from her extensive archive. 

                             Featuring (left to right) - Jennie Harrington, Sayako Tomiyoshi,
                           Daniel Kraus, Stina Quagebeur, Ksenia Ovsyanick, Laurent Liotardo


21 January 2013

Happy Monday! Back at work.

Hope you have a good week ahead. 
It would be even better for me if I would be working behind a gorgeous desk like this... But I'm not. Will have to do somehting about that. Jane Aldridge is the lucky girl who's desk and office space this is. 

I found this picture on her blog Sea of shoes


                                   This desk is found here 

20 January 2013

Marie Antoinette's shoes sold for 50 000 Euros

Even though Marie Antoinette is famous for being good at spending - she did not spend
50 000 Euros on a pair of slippers. But that someone did, in October last year,
when her shoes were sold to the highest bidder at auction house Paris Druout
The buyer's identity is still a secret.
They are beautiful but clearly we are as good at spending after the Revolution as they were before it...
Read more about the sale here.

19 January 2013

Lovely Vivienne Westwood

        This video I found on Vivienne Westwood's blog . It's lovely just like she is.

18 January 2013

Runway show cancelled due to a maternity leave - a beautiful thing.

At elle.com one could today read that the Fall 2013 Alexander McQueen runway show, has been cancelled. First I thought this being so sad, but that was until I read the reason. Sarah Burton is expecting twins and will be on maternity leave. This is just so beautiful! For all women and men who have had to give up parenthood for their careers, this is a big step for humankind, in the world of fashion. Read more here

Parties — Alexander McQueen Fall 2012
This picture of Sarah Burton is found here on www.vogue.com

17 January 2013

Ballet dancers and beauty


This photograph is found here at the blog  Pictures 
The photographer is James L Aamos

8 January 2013

The cover of Vogue Italia with its first-ever asian cover model

Well fashion isn't very progressive atleast not high fashion and the world around it.
The cover of Vogue Italia with its first-ever asian cover model is beautiful though. And if you like that 1950's feeling this is perfect. Elegant in that old world way. 
Fei Fei Sun on Vogue Italia
 French Vogue was the first European magazine to put an Asian model on its cover — Chinese supermodel Du Juan, in 2011.

4 January 2013

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