31 July 2013

Wallpaper Wednesday

Wouldn't say no to having this on my wall... I really fell for this one. Anyone knows where it's from?

24 July 2013

23 July 2013

Pakistan Fashion Week 2009

 A dream would be to attend the Pakistan Fashion Week. Here are a few stunning photographs from one of the shows 2009.

18 July 2013

Talitha Getty

Along with the likes of Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy, Getty came to typify the fashion of the era.  She was innovative in her use of ethnic garb — caftans, Balinese wraps, and Moroccan djellabas adorned with mountains of middle-eastern costume jewelry while accessorizing with gladiator sandals (or no shoes at all) and crowns of flowers in her hair.  With her exotic ensembles and exuberant personal style, she initiated an entirely new genre of fashion titled “gypset”, (gypsy + jet-setter), forever solidifying her spot as a fashion icon.  Unfortunately, Getty’s time as a style phenom was cut drastically short, as were many iconic lives during this era.  However, with her beauty, individualism and stand-out imaginative style, she has left all of us with a forever fantasized lasting impression.

11 July 2013

Hiro Wakabayashi leaves me wanting more

More by Hiro Wakabayashi....

Photographer Hiro Wakabayashi's work Beauty in Strength, New York  from 1964, shows the bracelet on a woman’s wrist.  Interested in portraying a new generation of women by showing strength and vivacity, the artist tied a tourniquet on the model’s hand to make her veins stand out.

 Read more here


10 July 2013

Wallpaper Wednesday

A new idea I had was to share the many of my wallpapers that I've collected. 
Loving patterns and graphic design can easily make one a wallpaper junkie.

8 July 2013

Happy Monday - Back at work with Vogue and François Halard

                                                       Photography by François Halard

4 July 2013

Advanced Style x Vogue Australia with love

One of my favourite blogs Advanced Style with Ari Seth Cohen has been featured in
Vogue Australia. 
Ever since I was a little girl I've looked up to the style, grace and beauty of older women and now I'm so happy to live in an age where our beauty ideals finally again include older ages. Vogue Australia has truly done something new. But I think it's just a matter of time until we get to see more ages in our fashion magazines in general. Once again we can look forward to the future.

2 July 2013

Follow me..

Did you know google reader was shut down yesterday? For those of you who follow me there, I encourage you to sign up with Bloglovin, that is the one that I use. Just visit them here for a new way to follow your favourite blogs. Or you can experiment with something new! Sadly enough I'm very bad at these things so cannot really give you any ideas of exactly where to go.

Adam Fuss with love

Adam Fuss was born in England in 1961. His father manufactured woman’s coats and his mother was an Australian fashion model.
Fuss became a distinguished artist by embracing a range of historical and contemporary photographic techniques to capture a broad set of emotion-laden subject matter. Art critics often describe the artist’s work as speaking to the ephemerality of a moment in time and life itself.



1 July 2013

Happy Monday - Back at work with a desk to die for.

  A NYC publicist's office that feels more like a stylish home. Just like a home office should. 

 Her name is Elizabeth Blitzer.

 Most of the decor and accessories in design publicist Elizabeth Blitzer's office comes from flea markets. 

This leaves me wanting more.






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