18 July 2013

Talitha Getty

Along with the likes of Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy, Getty came to typify the fashion of the era.  She was innovative in her use of ethnic garb — caftans, Balinese wraps, and Moroccan djellabas adorned with mountains of middle-eastern costume jewelry while accessorizing with gladiator sandals (or no shoes at all) and crowns of flowers in her hair.  With her exotic ensembles and exuberant personal style, she initiated an entirely new genre of fashion titled “gypset”, (gypsy + jet-setter), forever solidifying her spot as a fashion icon.  Unfortunately, Getty’s time as a style phenom was cut drastically short, as were many iconic lives during this era.  However, with her beauty, individualism and stand-out imaginative style, she has left all of us with a forever fantasized lasting impression.

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