28 May 2012

More flowers... Lanvin parfum - an old poster

This is just so gorgeous!

Another great idea

Some other flowers making us happy planted most unexpectedly in a chair. Absolutely lovely!
This one from the sweet blog Outside looking in

Here is how she did it:

Flowers, cars and poetry with Manuel Felisi


Found this dreamy car by Manuel Felisi. It should be mandatory for every carpark to have a car like this.
And if only I had a garden..
For more Manuel Felisi

26 May 2012

So happy summer is here!

So happy summer is here!
Although I know that it might get a little cold again before real summer hits in but I can't but love this. Sun and warmth in May..

25 May 2012

Happy weekend everyone!

Here in Stockholm the weather is beautiful. Even though I'm working this weekend it's going to be great.

24 May 2012

At a lecture - Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe at a lecture. Don't know anything else about the photograph. It's one of those where she doesn't seem to know that there is someone photographing her. It makes it even more beautiful.

22 May 2012

Bill Cunningham - a movie to look forward to!

Bill Cunningham and his work is a true inspiration. I really do look forward to this movie.
This world is really full of amazing people..

14 May 2012

Happy Monday! Back at the desk

A desk to die for - I think that I might work even better sittning at this desk..

13 May 2012

Twiggy Twiggy


10 May 2012

Details of decor to die for

Can imagine to live in all these interiours. These are just a selection of what I've come across and fallen in love with lately.


8 May 2012

Jewellery by Ulyana Sergeenko

All she touches turns to gold.. I just love her work. Here is her jewellery.
Ulyana Sergeenko..

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