25 March 2012

Nathalie Djurberg leaves me wanting more

In Nathalie Djurberg’s animation I found myself alone we get to see Nathalies beautiful gangly ballerina dancing around a table set for a tea party. The dancer, seemingly high on sugary fumes, teeters over teapots, cherry-studded cream puffs, and piles of oozing confections. It’s not clear what sort of statement Djurberg is making? This work is not as sad or destructive as a lot of her other work but I'm still in love. It's just as beautiful. I want to have one of these stills on my wall at home.
This is what the press release said about Nathalie Djurbergs work:
Her narratives begin seemingly innocent but quickly turn into intense studies of human behavior that force one to confront their darkest nightmares and deepest fears. Using the familiar language of claymation and featuring the music of Swedish composer, Hans Berg, Djurberg's work, neither censored nor sentimental, tackles revenge, violence, sex, dominance, racism and the macabre.
I found myself alone by Nathalie Djurberg.  A claymation.
Bon appetite!

Even with chocolate sauce on the walls.

A portrait of the artist herself

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