22 August 2013

Stella Jean and The Ethical Fashion Initiative

The idea is to change the way that fashion works by pairing global brands with artisans in developing nations to produce premium products. NOT CHARITY. JUST WORK. A beautiful idea. It's the:

The Ethical Fashion Initiative

 Here in a collaboration with Stella Jean
The Poor Communities and Trade Programme (PCTP) of the ITC aims to reduce global poverty through the generation of trade opportunities for marginalized communities and micro producers in the developing world by involving micro enterprises in international and regional trade.

Its flagship project, The Ethical Fashion Initiative, enables international fashion companies and distributors to source from African communities, without bias in price or quality, thus allowing groups of marginalized artisans to become part of the larger value chain.

This business dynamic is paralleled with a social dimension including a rigorous code of ethics and gender equality. All stages of production are designed to empower women; this by raising their daily income long-term and ensuring sustainability through capacity-building, skills training and technical assistance.

Desirable, ethical fashion products can grab consumer interest and command high prices, thanks in part to the unique stories they carry of environmental improvement and positive social impact. The Ethical Fashion Initiative ensures that those spearheading global design agendas can collaborate fruitfully and fairly with African artisans while also being actively engaged in cleaning the environment, joining together to achieve a three-point bottom line.

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